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Who are we?
Tukcedo Services is a registered organisation formed by professional system managers.

We enjoy our work so much that we've decided to offer our services to other companies and organisations in our own spare time.

We have day to day experience with TCP/IP networks, Linux, Unix, Novell and NT operating systems and office automation.

Tukcedo Services operates according to the quality model of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM).

Who are you?
You're a private person, an organisation or a small company that would like to upgrade the existing IT infrastructure or even start one from scratch.

Of course, you demand quality in view of your longer term plans, but you don't have a large IT budget to spend

Apart from that, you appreciate our personal touch and turnkey solutions and you can understand why we can't offer around the clock services.

How may we help you?
  • Advice in networking, operating systems and various integrated office solutions
  • Implementation and installation of your company's network, servers and workstations
  • Design and hosting of your website
  • Customised Data entry projects (manual and/or automated)
  • Documentation and/or translation projects (programming manual, user guide etc., translation from English to Dutch and Dutch to English)
  • Security and Security Audit (vulnerability scan) of your network and (Internet) servers
  • Training of users at your location in managing and using the installed systems and software such as Word, Excel etc.
  • For all your turnkey and system integration projects, we offer our technical expertise in:
    • Automation of Systems Management: development of Perl and/or shell scripts
    • Internet services: design and construction of your intranet and/or website
    • Network services: implementation and installation of file-servers, mail-servers, ftp-servers
    • System management: implementation of backup and (remote) monitoring of your systems
    • Support contracts negotiable

  • Supply and installation of 2nd hand hardware:

    • Unix servers and workstations such as Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, HP etc.
    • Network laser printers
    • High quality monitors

  • All of this subject to our VERY favourable  pricing!
Our first consult is free of charge and does not oblige you to make use of our services.

When we start work for you, we charge a mutually agreed flat fee per person/per hour and the actual materials used. The latter will obviously be specified!

Contact us?
In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Existing customers:  support@tukcedocom
Offertes en additional information:
Surface mail: Witmolen 40, 2645 GK Delfgauw, The Netherlands
Fax: +31(0)847417179

Please see our General Terms and Conditions (Dutch)

Registered with Chamber of Commerce in Delft: 27194239


Free software: ifchangetk-0.7.tgz for Linux
Requires: Perl 5.005 or newer and Tk 800.022 or newer


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